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Lunchtime Legends is an official partner of the Tag League Association
Frenchs Forest
Sports available at this Venue
Soccer - Mixed
Softball - Mixed
Touch Football - Mixed
Netball - Mixed Indoor
More sports are available upon demand
Frenchs Forest
Following the extension of Stay At Home directives by the NSW State Government on Thursday 8th July 2021, all Lunchtime Legends competitions remain on hold. It is anticipated that these restrictions will stay in place until the current rate of Covid-19 infections abates. A further update will be made as and when there is a significant change in the situation.
Lunchtime Legends Covid-19 Update (PDF, 68KB, 9/07/2021)
A number of different venues are used at Frenchs Forest for a variety of sports.

SOKOL Hall is a privately managed multi purpose venue, with Change Rooms, Showers and Toilets available accommodating Indoor Soccer, Indoor Netball, Indoor Volleyball.

Ararat Reserve - Soccer, Touch Football.
Aquatic Reserve - Baseball.

Ararat Reserve & Aquatic Reserve are managed by Warringah Council, Toilets available.


SOKOL Hall (Yellow) - Grattan Cr French Forest

Ararat Reserve (Pink) - Grattan Cr Frenchs Forest

Aquatic Reserve (Blue) - Aquatic Dr Frenchs Forest
Location Map
Frenchs Forest_map
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